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Calcite (Pink Mangano) Tumbles (Medium)

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Colours and markings vary between crystals, this is for 1 Pink Mangano Calcite crystal tumble which will be chosen for you.

About Pink Mangano Calcite Crystal Tumbles

Known as the ‘stone of love’ Pink Mangano Calcite helps you to think in a loving manner. Pink Mangano Calcite helps you realise the importance of self-love and will help improve your self-esteem.

As this crystal is very calming, it is a great ‘go-to’ crystal to use when you are stressed or anxious.

About Calcite Crystals

Calcite crystals come in many different colours including green, blue, brown, yellow, orange, clear, red, grey and pink (pink calcite is also known as Mangano Calcite). Calcite feels waxy when you hold it.

This is a crystal to grab when you need to calm your mind and remove stress from your life. Calcite crystals can also help you relax.

Calcite crystals can clean negative energies from a room.



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