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Jet Tumbles (Russia) (Small)

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Colours and markings vary between crystals. This is for 1 Jet crystal tumble, which will be chosen for you.

About Jet Crystal Tumbles

Jet, also known as Black Amber, is not officially classified as a crystal. It is in fact a type of coal, which originally formed when driftwood was submerged in sea-floor mud. Jet is very lightweight and is opaque. When holding a raw piece of Jet, it can feel similar to both plastic and bark.

Typically, the best Jet is found in England, with Whitby in England being renown for its Jet, which dates from early Jurassic times. Jet is also found in Poland, Russia, Spain, the United States, France and Germany.

Jet has been used since the Stone Ages where it was worn as a talisman (a talisman was believed to have magical properties, bring good luck and protect from evil). In Roman times, Whitby Jet was used by the Romans to decorate their jewellery. Additionally, in Britain, Jet was burned for protection by fishermen’s loved ones to ensure their return from sea.

Moving into more recent history, Jet was popular during the Victorian era after Queen Victoria wore Whitby Jet jewellery whilst mourning the passing of her husband, Prince Albert.

The crystal Jet is able to energetically help with depression and it can also balance mood swings. It is also recommended that you place a piece of Jet with your bills, bank statements or cash box to improve finances.

Judy Hall states in her book The Crystal Bible 1 'those who are attracted to this stone are "old souls" who have a long experience of being incarnated on the earth.'

Physically Jet is said to help with migraines, epilepsy, toothache and menstrual cramps.



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