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Pink Amethyst Cluster #2 (Argentina)

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You are purchasing the Pink Amethyst crystal cluster from Argentina, pictured.

About Pink Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Pink Amethyst is a new variety of Quartz discovered in Argentina and is quite rare. This crystal gets its pink colour due to inclusions of Hematite and, being a pink crystal, can be used to heal the Heart Chakra. Pink Amethyst is peaceful and calming, bringing you a beautiful dose of love.

So … how is Pink Amethyst different to Rose Quartz or purple Amethyst?

For years it was believed that all pink coloured Quartz was one and the same. This included the rare pink coloured Quartz that formed in clusters of small crystals. However, it was determined in the 1990s by mineralogists that these are two different varieties of Quartz. Therefore, the common massive form of Quartz retained the name Rose Quartz, and the rarer variety that forms clusters of crystals was named Pink Quartz.

Just to add to the confusion, the newly discovered rare Pink Amethyst looks like both Rose Quartz and Pink Quartz however the owner of the mine that found Pink Amethyst conducted an analysis of the crystals and said “The crystals are purplish pink amethystine quartz, additionally coloured by microscopic hematite particles. They are not rose quartz as classically defined. Numerous micro-inclusions of calcium sulphate also occur in the interior of the quartz crystals.”

This rare Argentinian crystal has the same structure as Amethyst and therefore has been given the name Pink Amethyst.



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