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Smudge Kits - White Sage with Red Abalone Shell (Small)

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You are purchasing 1 small White Sage with Red Abalone shell smudge kit, which will be chosen for you. Some Abalone shells may have different markings as these are a natural product and are not considered faults.

**Please take care when using smudge sticks or sage - do not leave unattended - we are not responsible for any misuse**

About White Sage With Red Abalone Shell Smudge Kit

About Abalone Shells

Abalone shells are believed to bring peace and compassion into your life. Abalone shells are also great for frazzled nerves and helping you to remain calm.

Abalone shells make great decorative pieces around your home, they can be used to catch the ash from your White Sage Smudge Sticks, or they can be used to display crystal tumbles or even soaps in your bathroom.

About White Sage

Use the smoke from the White Sage (by carefully blowing on the embers) to cleanse yourself, your home or anywhere you feel you need to remove negative energy. This is a sacred ritual of the native people in North and South America.



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